Build Better Swift & iOS Apps with Rob

“Rob is great! I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance!” – Noah Goodhart, Cofounder of Moat (acquired by Oracle)

Why work with me?

  • Work as Mobile (iOS & Android) Team Lead with 8+ years experience
  • My own apps have done over 1 Million Downloads and were acquired
  • Top 5% of iOS contributors on StackOverflow
  • Built many apps for Billion Dollar companies, including HEB, Kubota, Macmillan, and Moat (Oracle)
  • My apps have been featured on Fox Business, IndieHackers, and Yahoo
  • Over 100k pageviews on my articles about Swift Development & Career.
  • Trained in UI, UX design and fluent in Product management & strategy
  • Leadership Experience - Trained to lead and delegate, I manage Crush your Side Projects meetup in Austin, Texas

How I can help your business grow:

  • Manage a team of mobile engineers
  • Improving your app’s engagement and downloads through growth engineering
  • Improve your team’s app development process to move faster
  • Engineer an app from scratch

What tech I usually work with

  • App Development: Swift, Objective C, & Xcode, C#, Xamarin, Kotlin & Android
  • Continuous Intergration: Jenkins, CircleCI, AppCenter, Gitlab CI
  • Web Development: Node.js, Angular.js, HTML, CSS, Markdown (this site uses all but Angular)
  • Deployment & Platforms:: AWS, Azure, Netlify, Heroku, Github, Gitlab, Hexo, Wordpress
  • Database and services: MongoDB, Firebase
  • Scripting: Mostly Python, bash
  • Other Tools: Cocoapods, Carthage, Fastlane, Mixpanel, NewRelic, Crashlitics, Flurry, Testflight


Rob is a superstar. He’s a true leader – well organized, well thought out and a great communicator –
Steve Miller, Founder/CEO Pragmatic Software (Sold to SmartBear)

Rob’s determination to systematically try different approaches until he found the right path is inspiring, informative, and definitely worth emulating!
Charlyn Keating, Founder, Appreneur Summit

Intelligent, insightful, and most important of all thorough. You can be confident that any task he starts will be a resounding success.
Gant Laborde – Chief Technology Strategist of Infinite Red

On my short list of people to ping if I ever started a company
Bryan Joseph, Revelry Labs

If you want to grow business through app development, let’s chat.

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