A Complete Guide to Getting Hired as an iOS Developer in 2018

Or How not to Waste Two Thousand Hours of Your Life

I got rejected from a job I drained three and a half months of energy toward.

I learned it all. The company’s everything was to become my everything. I could tell you about basically everything each founder published online.

I romanticized. Like, so much.

Imagine me writing a massive blog post, pack filled with actual code and working examples on how to improve their app. Because that’s what I did.

Despite investing all my free energy, I said out loud acquiring the job was NO gimme. I didn’t believe that, but saying it felt comforting.

After finally getting their attention MONTHS after setting my sights on them, I had a fantastic call with their CTO who invited me try their coding challenge.

I spent a week making it PERFECT, and their team was impressed. My confidence was high and I felt secure.

Then, I took their paired programming test.

Two days later, I got a rejection email. Not a good fit, they told me. Over two thousand hours to learn a one hour lesson.

I collapsed on my couch. They were right. I didn’t REALLY fit in to their needs — I’d only spent months convincing myself I did.

It’s easy for me to see how ludicrous and risky my behavior was in retrospect. I guess old me feared rejection and wanted to do everything he could toward reducing that rejection.

Most of us probably deal with the opposite energy — by sending out our resumes en masse to every company possible. And getting zero responses.

After my awful rejection, I wised up (as if I had a choice). I developed an actual strategy, and got hired as an iOS developer at a company that I was ACTUALLY a good fit for.

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